Espadrille-Floora tobacco leather 1625

DHS 998 DHS 599

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Men's shoes

  Floora espadrille 1625

These rope-soled sandals florèrent leather sku 1635 tobaccos will kink you for his colors and trendy design. They will go as well with a jeans or a bermuda shorts roulotté as a suit

Shoes man and of the mark  on-line Viviano Disponible and in store shoes Morocco, completely built according to the traditional technique, are made in one of the best factories of smart shoes and subjecte  to a rigorous control process of the quality. Teams of semi-skilled workers take care carefully of every stage of the production. Elegant, timeless and superior-quality, these shoes will last a whole life if they are maintained well.

Hicham E


  • Bonjour l espadrille que vous m'avez envoille est yropbserre veuillez me l'échanger en taille 44\r\nCordialement\r\nEl Ouati Hicham



  • Soini 3 reu 129 B n 6 tanger Maroc

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